INDONESIAN LAYER CAKE The old-fashioned Indonesian layer cake which is also known as Lapis Legit or Spekkoek. € 4,95
FRUIT DESSERT Three types of Ice cream surrounded by exotic pieces of fruit, whipped cream and finished with gula djawa, palm sugar sauce. € 5,95
KWEE DADAR Crêpe filled with baked shreds of coconut with whipped cream on the side, finished with a gula djawa (palm sugar) spread. € 5,95
KLEPAH MUDAH A Coconut Cocktail. You’ll find Coconut Strings, frozen Coconut milk and a hint of Piña Colada in it. A touch of the very sweet Rose Syrup finishes the Cocktail. € 5,25
PISANG GORENG Deep-fried banana served with Ice Cream and whipped cream. The Dessert is covered by liquid Palm Sugar, Gula Djawa. € 5,95
COFFEE SORBET Dessert with coffee mix, vanilla ice, Di Saronno (alc 28%), whipped cream and covered by liquid palm sugar, gula djawa. € 5,95